Laminate Flooring installation Tips

Laying laminate flooring has become very simple nowadays.

The manufacturersí purpose nowadays is not only to provide you with high-quality products but also to simplify your job in installing the products you purchase from them. Therefore, laying laminate flooring has become an easy and less dirty job than it used to be, especially with the do-it-yourself kit that some manufacturers include together with their products. All you need to do is follow some logical steps in installing your flooring, whether in the kitchen or anywhere else in your house.


First of all, it would be a good idea for you to leave the laminate planks inside the room where it is to be installed for about a day or two to acclimatize with the environment, that is with the level of humidity ñ if there is any. You should make sure, before laying your laminate flooring that you have removed all the doors that might impede in the process. Then make sure that the old floor has been removed and place the underlay in case it comes separate from your laminate flooring. In case you do not know what kind of underlay to purchase, it might be useful for you to know that thicker underlay grants better isolation in terms of sound and heat.

The next step in laying your laminate flooring is to install the planks together having at least somebody else with you to offer help in snapping them together. If it is difficult for you to get the planks tight together, then you should know the secret lies in angle at which at which the tongues are locked together ñ that is a 30-degree angle. You should first apply pressure down and then forward for you to get them in place. Using the spacer provided in the kit is required when laying laminate flooring because, as you might already know, planks may expand and then the space left between them is vital in avoiding the swelling effect. The last row of planks might pose some problems in that you might have to do a bit of cutting to make sure it fits the space left for it.

Last but not least, laying laminate flooring also means removing the spacers at the edges of the room and filling the spaces left with trim in a neat and careful fashion. Using the adhesive materials requires lots of neatness in working with it as you wouldnít want to spoil the good work you have done so far. Good luck with laying laminate flooring!

Laminate flooring presents many advantages but one that is very important for customers is water resistance. 12mm laminate flooring is one of the best offers you can get in terms of durability and resistance to moisture. The thicker the core is, the more resistant it seems to be from this point of view. Besides having a thickness of 12mm laminate flooring should also be impregnated with chemicals meant to repel water even at the joints. This would save the day in case of accident spills in the kitchen or the bathroom. If you want to make sure you choose the right type of laminate flooring, then also check the warranty closely as this will tell you much about the quality you are offered.

Besides, when walking on 12mm laminate flooring you will notice the difference in sound after first having walked on a 6mm laminate flooring, for instance. The trick is that the thicker the core, the more your floor will sound like genuine hardwood. And letís face it, hardwood floor has always been more appealing to home owners, but not everyone can afford it. So you can do your trick with the 12mm laminate flooring that has got the seemingly genuine hardwood color and finish to fool the eye.

Most laminate flooring on the market is within the thickness range of 6mm to 8mm. The 12mm laminate flooring is again more reliable in that the locking system will be heavier and will allow your floor to be placed on any kind of surface. The heavier this mechanism is, the more reliable your entire flooring. In addition, thinner laminate flooring will flex and bend while installing it causing difficulty and eating up more of your time before you can actually enjoy walking on something that looks like genuine hardwood.

All in all, 12mm laminate flooring presents advantages over thinner laminate flooring in that it is more water and swelling resistant, it carries longer warranty, it fools not only the eye but also the ear in resemblance to hardwood, it has a more reliable locking system and can cover almost any kind of surface to meet your needs. Choose the 12mm laminate flooring as the experts suggest and you can get up to 25 years warranty for your new floor.